Be guided along the track on a rail-bike

Have fun with family or friends rolling along the tracks of a former railway line!

  • Vélo rail de Saint Loup du Gast

    Vélo rail de Saint Loup du Gast

    © Photo : J.B. Deguara

The Saint Loup du Gast rail-bike route
Although the passenger train hasn’t stopped at the little village of Saint Loup du Gast for a very long time, the old railway line is still there and has been converted into a rail-bike track.
Nowadays, it’s the pedallers that provide the energy needed to push the specially designed bicycles or ‘draisine’ along the rails!
The 6km journey will take you through the rolling countryside of Saint-Loup-du-Gast right to the La Rosserie viaduct that overlooks the Mayenne river.
There are 13 rail-bikes available, and if you fancy a spot of hiking afterwards then why not try one of the many trails that start in Saint-Loup-du-Gast.

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